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  • Sybarite // Yen

    Sybarite // Yen

    We were approached by Sybarite architects to produce a film showcasing their newest project in London, Yen restaurant. It’s a beautiful space built around the idea of reflecting a bamboo forest, so rich in timbers, textures and colour.

  • Boom Cycles // Promo

    Boom Cycles // Promo

    We worked with Bibliotheque to produce a promo film for Boom Cycles – a rapidly growing spin class company – in their new Battersea and Hammersmith locations.

  • Passchendaele Centenary

    Passchendaele Centenary

    We were asked by Kate Dawkins Studio and CT London to create a film for each of them on their part in the Passchendaele Centenary celebrations for the DCMS and BBC. Kate’s team designed the visuals whilst CT put in the tech to project them across the enormous Cloth Hall in Ypres. The ceremony was broadcast on the BBC, watched by thousands in the main square as well as Royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers and was an amazing project to […]

  • Roca // One Day Design Challenge

    Roca // One Day Design Challenge

    We were pleased to be asked to film the One Day Design Challenge at the Roca London Gallery. This is the result (not edited by us btw).

  • Brockley // Then&Now

    Brockley // Then&Now

    So, we set about recreating a photo from 1918 and aimed to get 2000+ people to turn up for a mass photo. We think the number who came is closer to 5000 but see the process in this film, from the organisers themselves.

  • Frizbee // showreel

    Frizbee // showreel

    This is what we do: we cover events and festivals, produce promos and documentaries, make project films through to e-learning modules, PR and marketing materials. We work with our clients as creative partners, bringing our design eye to every shot and every project.

  • Alphaworks // Promo

    Alphaworks // Promo

    This is project we did with &Agency, producing web content and a promo film for Alphaworks, which is a new workspace in the Alpha tower in Birmingham. It offers a great workspace with amazing views across the city.

  • The BottleShop // CrowdCube

    The BottleShop // CrowdCube

    This is our second CrowdCube film, this time for The BottleShop which we’re backing up with a range of short edits for their social media campaign

  • Redchurch Brewery // CrowdCube

    We were asked by Bibliotheque to collaborate on producing a CrowdCube campaign film for Redchurch Brewery. Redchurch have a nice team of people working for them and it was a good opportunity to add drone shots of both their brewery and bar.

  • Design Museum // Wearable healthcare

    Design Museum // Wearable healthcare

    We were asked to produce 3 films for the new Permanent Collection exhibition in Londons’ Design Museum. This one tackles the subject of the future of wearable healthcare technology, while the other two dealt with trend forecasting and the design of the new Tube train for London. This was a great project and we’re proud to have these films shown in the museum, which has always been one of our favourite places to visit.

  • Drone projects

    Drone projects

    We’ve been tinkering with drones for a while. This reel combines the best shots from shoots we have directed over the last year or so for your viewing pleasure.

  • SEA & BAA // Monotype London

    We were commissioned to produce a film to showcase the new Monotype office in London, designed as a joint collaboration with Ben Adams Architects and SEA Design.