Moving forward

Our goal has always been pretty simple. We love what we do, and as long as it’s fun then we’ll actively grow and set out for new horizons. We’re always looking for new opportunities, new sectors to move into and grow our roster of clients and experience.

We’ve been in discussions about broadcast (possibly feature length) projects for a while, and we’ll keep you posted as we get ever closer. We have some great ideas, and we’re working hard to realise them, somewhere, some how…

But content is a bigger growth area than ever before and we’re exploring new ways our existing and future clients can produce new and engaging films, that take them in a new direction and expand their story-telling ability to wider audiences. We’d love to hear from you if you have a project (or even just an idea) in mind. We always work with our clients as creative partners, helping them to develop and grow their video output, but also utilise the resource and fully realise the PR-ability, the exposure or brand building that it offers to both clients, and public perception.