Recent Videos

  • Design Museum // Wearable healthcare

    Design Museum // Wearable healthcare

    We were asked to produce 3 films for the new Permanent Collection exhibition in Londons’ Design Museum. This one tackles the subject of the future of wearable healthcare technology, while the other two dealt with trend forecasting and the design of the new Tube train for London. This was a great project and we’re proud to have these films shown in the museum, which has always been one of our favourite places to visit.

  • Drone projects

    Drone projects

    We’ve been tinkering with drones for a while. This reel combines the best shots from shoots we have directed over the last year or so for your viewing pleasure.

  • SEA & BAA // Monotype London

    We were commissioned to produce a film to showcase the new Monotype office in London, designed as a joint collaboration with Ben Adams Architects and SEA Design.

  • Brockley Then&Now // teaser

    Brockley Then&Now // teaser

    100 years ago in Brockley, there was a march that culminated in a historic photo on Hillifields with around 1000 people in the shot. We were part of the organisers in recreating it and this film is a teaser for the film we made of the process of recreating it.

  • Ben Adams Architects // Vertical Living

    This is a series of film we have created for the Pointless City project with Ben Adams Architects. It explores the future of London and the concepts that will help the city evolve and continue to grow without totally eating itself.

  • OnSide // Guildhall launch event

    We were very happy to work with OnSide to film their launch event at the Guildhall. This was to announce their new Youth Zones launching in London and featured activities and performances from a variety of their Youth Zones from around the UK.

  • Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

    Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

    We worked with Media 10 again producing Clerkenwell Design Week highlights reel. It’s always an inspiring time with lots happening and some really amazing projects.

  • Deptford Green school // Year 7

    Deptford Green school // Year 7

    This is part two of two films we produced for Deptford Green school. This one tackles the hopes and fears of the new Year 7 intake, with pupils ending their first year giving advice and guidance to both pupils and parents considering the school.

  • Deptford Green school // Work for Us

    Deptford Green school // Work for Us

    We were asked to produce two films for Deptford Green school, one to attract new staff and one to show to incoming Year 7’s about what lies ahead for them and how easy the transition would be from lower school. These had amazing feedback (we’re not just saying that) and even had the opportunity to get some drone shots of the exterior.

  • Experience 100%Design 2016

    Experience 100%Design 2016

  • Frizbee // Recent Work

    Frizbee // Recent Work

    Just a quick snapshot of some of our recent projects. Clients include London Design Festival, Burger King HQ in Miami, Diageo (featuring a certain Mr Beckham) and Bonmarché.

  • Information Age at Science Museum

    We were commissioned by Universal Design Studio and Bibliotheque to film their work within the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum in London.