Recent Videos

  • Sony Bravia Interactivity

    Sony Bravia Interactivity

    As part of a series of films for Sony, demonstrating the interactivity of their new Sony Bravia TVs. Directed by James Appleton for Frizbee films.

  • Design film for new Sony Bravia

    Design film for new Sony Bravia

    We’ve recently completed a new set of films for Sony Europe for the functionality of their new range of TVs. This edit showcases the TVs design features.

  • Graffiti Kings on Sony Duo13 Tablet

    Graffiti Kings on Sony Duo13 Tablet

    We produced this film for Sony Europe, demonstrating the creative possibilities of the Sony Duo 13 Tablet, with the very talented Jaz from the Graffiti Kings guiding us through it.

  • W Hotels Designers of the Future 2013

    W Hotels Designers of the Future 2013

    We contributed to this final edit, filming for W Hotels at both the launch in Milan and Design Miami/ show in Basel 2103. We’d love to do the location shoots next year… just saying…

  • Design Exquis: Studio Swine

    Design Exquis: Studio Swine

    The film was produced for Design Exquis and shown as part of an exhibition at Roca London Gallery during the London Design Festival 2013

  • Bark&Co Brand film

    Bark&Co Brand film

    This is a project through SEA Design for Bark&Co Solicitors

  • Halcyon Gallery / Warhol (Kylie)

    Halcyon Gallery / Warhol (Kylie)

    This is a film for Halcyon Gallery on the opening night of their Warhol exhibition, with special guest Kylie. She’s very nice.

  • AHEC Wallpaper* Workspace

    AHEC Wallpaper* Workspace

    American Hardwood teamed up with Wallpaper* magazine to create Workspace. It is a vision of the future of how we could be working – both in the home and office – and was shown in London and Milan Salone.

  • Roca London Gallery: WFT Exhibition

    Roca London Gallery: WFT Exhibition

    This is one of our latest projects for Roca London Gallery, and covers their Water for Thought exhibition which aims to both highlight global water issues, but also showcase innovative and easy to produce products that can help to solve them. It has some nice touches, like displaying videos in the basins as well as the graphic installations that show the discrepancies between those who have and those who do not have access to clean running water.

  • W Hotel – Designers of the Future 2012

    W Hotel – Designers of the Future 2012

    We worked with W Hotels to cover the launch of their Designers of the Future for 2012 during Milan Salone.

  • Monotype: Pencil to Pixel

    Monotype: Pencil to Pixel

    We produced this film with SEA Design, to document the Pencil to Pixel exhibition by Monotype in Wapping.

  • AHEC: Hay Festival, Segovia 2012

    AHEC: Hay Festival, Segovia 2012

    This was another project for AHEC during summer of 2012. This time it was in Segovia during the Hay Festival and involved architecture students building a wooden aqueduct, that both echoed the design of the ancient aqueduct that dominates the city centre, but also is built without glue – just wooden joints – in the same way the original is just interlocking stone. The aqueduct was then disassembled and passed hand-to-hand, in a human chain of local residents, to the […]